Challenge The Medical Expert


James M. Nachbar, MD, Esq.

8896 E Becker Lane, Suite 102 · Scottsdale, AZ 85260 · (480) 289-5300 ·
An actively-practicing, double-board-certified physician, surgeon, and attorney, who can assist by conducting portions of the deposition and cross-examination

Whenever a medical issue intrudes on your case, the outcome hinges on the dueling medical experts

But what do you do when the opposing expert takes an unreasonable position?

While your own expert can coach you on the narrow medical issue, what happens when the opposing expert gets into areas you are not prepared for? There is no way a non-medically-trained attorney can have deep knowledge of the broad range of medical practice.

With over 25 years of continuing active medical practice and with thousands of hours of trauma and elective surgical experience, including both on a University Medical School Faculty and in private practice, and board-certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Nachbar has the breadth of both medical knowledge and “how it really goes down” to help you challenge the medical expert as an equal.

And when selecting your experts, Dr. Nachbar can call the candidates as a colleague, quickly cut to the kernel of the matter, and help you select and manage your experts.

  • Hourly or Contingincy
  • Conduct part or all of the deposition and cross-examination of the medical experts on either side
  • Plaintiff or Defense
  • Medical or Surgical
  • Discuss the case with candidate medical experts
  • Personal Injury, Family Law and alimony claims, Employment Law, Criminal, Med Mal, and whenever a medical issue intrudes on your client's case


Private Practice

Scottsdale, Arizona

Over 20 years of private practice in plastic surgery, including cosmetic, reconstructive, private-pay and insurance, including practice in hospitals and free-standing surgery centers.

1995 - Present

Academic Practice

University of New Mexico

Seven years on the faculty of the University of New Mexico Medical School, including five years as Chief of Plastic Surgery and Program Director of the Plastic Surgery Residency

1988 - 1995


Arizona Summit Law School

Juris Doctor
Graduated second in my class with 14 CALI Awards, and passed the Arizona Bar Exam with a score of 335 (98th Percentile)
Graduation December 2017

University of Virginia

Resident in Plastic Surgery
Including one year as Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery
July 1985 - June 1988

University of Arizona

Resident in Surgery
Including one year as Chief Resident in Surgery
July 1980 - June 1985

Washington University St. Louis

Doctor of Medicine
Graduation May 1980

University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences
Graduation May 1976


  • Depositions and Cross-Examinations
  • Expert Witness Interviewing and Selection
  • Serve as a Consulting Expert or Expert Witness in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Case Reviews from both the Medical and Legal perspectives
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Depositions and In-Court Testimony

Current Licenses

Medical License: Arizona 13484
Legal License: Arizona 34431; Hawaii (inactive) 11001

Curriculum Vitae